Friday, July 11, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me how much I think I can get done, compared to how much I actually accomplish. With 3/5 of my family on mission trip this week, I had a list as long as my arm of things I wanted to get done. I had a willing assistant in my son, and when we set out to "do it all" this week, I really thought we would.

(Pausing here for a southern sigh.) Rather than dwell on what went undone, I will focus on what we finished. We did get the master bed and bath painted (walls, woodwork, doors, and cabinets!), and we did have a "fun" day (IHOP and a movie), and we have enjoyed reading books and watching TAGS reruns late at night when we finally collapsed! To have a week with my eleven-year-old all to myself has been wonderful!

While we have hopefully wrung it dry, Derek and I are more than ready for the other 3/5 to return! What would you do with a week on your own?


Chatty Kelly said...

I would read the bible more, exercise more, eat less, (but have dessert every day!).

I would nap in the sun by the pool and not fear for anyone drowning. I would read books and magazines all on my own age level, and not out loud to anyone else. I would have long phone calls without anyone interrupting. I would go to the mall and window shop all day without anyone saying "I'm tired." Or "buy me something."

And I would pine away for my children and count the days until they were home.

Kelsey said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had a nice time. :) Camp was fun, although, now it's over obviously. :( My mom and Gerald would let me stay home alone for that long at all, actually they don't let me stay home alone at all, which I like. I think the mission trip sounds like fun, I've been on a mission trip before.....

Kelsey said...

I mean, I've never been on a mission trip before. :)

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