Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My First Liturgy

I am my own hard act to follow. After posting a week's worth of blogs about query letters, I am back to just general life stuff!

Danya was invited to sing at her aunt's church this past Sunday, and so we worshiped with our Methodist brothers and sisters. Yeah, it was a first for this Baptist girl! I attended a Lutheran service with a friend when I was in college, and I also visited a Presbyterian church back then whose pastor and half of the church body had been baptized with the Holy Spirit! They were very much in transition so I didn't get the full effect of what might have been a "normal" service for them. But at my sister's church, we did the whole liturgy thing, and I enjoyed it very much. We were even there on a communion Sunday, so we got that, too! I was blessed by the whole thing. The pastor was, oh, I don't know...he looked like he might have been nineteen years old. :) He was actually 27. My mother informed me that I am at "that age" when everyone is going to start being younger than I am. . .

What fun!


Chatty Kelly said...

My favorite thing about this post is your moms comment to you "that age." Haha! I am 40, so I think I am at that age too.

My husband went for his physical last month, and he said the dr looked like he was 14. I think my husband is a little past "that age" too. Ah, life!

Micca said...

Yep. I'm at that age too. People are getting younger while I'm getting older! Is there a cure??

Danya...Rocks!! After the girls and I listened to her band the other night, we are convinced she is going places!


Kelsey said...

Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed that, it sounds like fun,the pastor sounds a little young to me. Our dean for Signing Camp is 38, I miss everyone at Signing Camp, I miss you guys to! And my friends from co-op, I actually haven't seen most of them since May! Co-op doesn't start again until November! It needs to be longer.....

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Rebecca,

That age! I've been there for about one year now (I'm 41) and it's true, everyone is looking so young! I noticed that you even mentioned how young your editor looked in the previous post! :)

It's always good to visit other churches in order to get a perspective on how others worship and believe. It makes me wonder what heaven will be like?

Catholics over here, Baptists over there. Rather, somehow, we'll all be worshiping the one true God together! What a beautiful picture.

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