Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trust the Coach

I am seething.

And as I grit my teeth, all the years I've spent watching Joyce Meyer bring these words to my mind:

"Be a Class Act!"

"Take the High Road!"

And it is so hard.

It's the championship game. And for whatever reason, my favorite player is not playing. He has started all season, but tonight--a night he has looked forward to, practiced for, and prayed over--he is not playing.

Do I trust the coach?
Do I trust him to make the right decisions?
Do I trust him to be fair?
Do I trust him to know what he is doing?


No. I don't. Because this game just got real personal, and I do not understand why the coach is making the decisions he is making.

My tongue needs stitches from biting it so hard. I look over at my husband, who somehow manages to still convey the "Don't question the coach" look when I know he is biting his tongue, too.

You know there is a spiritual lesson here, don't you?

I can't trust the coach, but I can choose to trust The Coach. And ultimately, I guess every life lesson hinges on that point. When someone with a lower batting average takes my place in the lineup, I must still trust The Coach. Even though I've been diligent at practice, when I don't get to play, I can still trust The Coach. And when it looks real personal, and I do not understand the decisions the Lord--The Coach--is making over my life, I can still trust Him.

There are questions marks all over this post and, quite frankly, all over our faces around here tonight. There's no quickie way to tie this up. There's no "happy ending." There's really no "rest of the story." But I told my son that God takes all our disappointments and uses them for ministry. One day, he may comfort my grandson by telling him what happened tonight. And the truth is, THE COACH--the Lord of Hosts, Yahweh--well, He does know the truth, and He is fair. And somehow, when that has to be enough...

it is.


Chatty Kelly said...

I'm sorry you had such a disappointing night! As I parent, I know the "mama lion" feeling you are feeling.

I'm reminded when Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery...God turned it to good. And so he will in this situation, for his glory.

I hope your son will soon be over the sting.

Truth4thejourney said...

Boy, can I relate! I think most Mom's can relate. Why is it so much easier to overlook it when someone treats us unfairly, but don't mess with our offspring!!

Kelly was right, the lion inside comes out in regards to our children.

Keep trusting God and He will be there to bring about His will in regards to your son (and you!).

PS. I haven't actually moved over to the truth4thejourney blog yet, it is a work in progress. For now, I'm posting to blessed with 6. :)

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