Monday, June 30, 2008

Clean Desks and Query Letters

I spent the weekend cleaning off my desk, the schoolroom, and the surrounding area. I am a woman with a mission! It is always hard to dig my way out of the mess my procrastination leaves behind, but I love the feeling of getting everything back in shipshape!

This week I hope to be blogging about the makings of a good query letter! I have a stack of them from the She Speaks Conference, and I'll be meeting with my editor at ParentLife soon to hand over the ones I think warrant her attention.

Here are the topics I'll cover:

Why Read the Magazine?
Proofreading with Passion and Purpose
Got Legs?
A Day in the Life

Let me know if you have questions, and I'll try to make sure they get answered in one of my posts!


Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Rebecca,

I look forward to your upcoming post on query letters.

Is it important to list if I can provide additional info., such as pictures or suggested resources?


Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hi Sonya,

The last paragraph of your query letter should include any additional resources you can provide, including photos. Depending on the magazine, let the editor know of related information you can provide in sidebars to the article. ParentLife loves sidebars, and we have found that our readers love their information in bite-size chunks. That said, often the best sidebars take the shape of lists: related resources, Internet sites, dos and don'ts, and pertinent Scripture.

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