Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hey Everybody!

Season of Change will premiere at the FPEA convention this weekend! I am so excited! Can't wait! If you are planning on attending the convention, I hope I get to meet you! Please drop by my booth or join me in one of my workshops--it will be fun!

The MTHEA conference was GREAT! We had so much fun. Sandy and I found a WONDERFUL new history curriculum being offered by the Notgrasses! If you have done Tennessee History or Georgia History with your kids, then you know the Notgrasses are wonderful with their history programs. This new curriculum looks so great--I'll be getting mine later at the Chattanooga convention, but Sandy went ahead and purchased hers in Nashville. SHE LOVED IT!

I hope I get to see my friend Dorian Holt at FPEA this weekend! She is the author of Learning Adventures, which my children and I have enjoyed over the past several years. It is good stuff! And she is such a doll.

Hopefully, I can contain my enthusiasm for all things homeschool (since I got the fair-going out of my system last weekend) and just enjoy meeting all of you this weekend! Come by and see me!

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Kelsey said...

Hey check this out, it's on my mom's blog, she copied the post though. Here it is: It's about a contest that subway's having, only homeschoolers AREN'T allowed! I thought I'd let you guys know....

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