Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am so excited about going to MTHEA tomorrow! I am not going as a vendor or a speaker, but just as a homeschooling mom! My friend Sandy said, "Just be a mom this year, Rebecca!" and so that is the plan. I know I am going to love it. You would think that I would have my fill of homeschool fairs, but when I am traveling and speaking at one, I don't get to look at anything! So I am really looking forward to actually shopping tomorrow! My sister-in-law is going with us, and she has one starting first grade. She will have a lot of shopping to do! I am also looking forward to spending her money (LOL!) as Sandy and I help her get everything she needs for first grade!

It is really kind of neat that as I am coming to the last years of homeschooling with my oldest, Karla is beginning the first years with her oldest. Helping her and encouraging her for however long she decides to homeschool will take the edge off admitting that these days are coming to a close for me and my oldest. Of course, I also take comfort in the fact that my sons are very much in the middle of things, and we still have some great years ahead!

I also am looking forward to seeing the folks I only see at this conference. The homeschool fair is really a celebration of homeschooling, don't you think? And I just love it!

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