Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun at SHEM!

The SHEM conference was absolutely great! We enjoyed ourselves so much! It was fun getting reacquainted with the lovely people we met last year, and also making some new friends! On the downside, Danya came down with one of those yucky 24-hour viruses, so that kept her out of things on Saturday. Thanks to a great homeschooling dad who is also a dr., she was able to get some much needed meds to help her get over the worst of it!

I was thrilled with how much fun we had in the "13 Going on Dirty" talk! That was the first time I had done that talk and I think we all had a great time talking about our sons and what they really need from us moms! I'll be making that audio available soon, and we are also getting the Top Ten list up on youtube just as quickly as we can. When I saw the video, it was pretty funny, and I want you guys to be able to see it, too. It's a little shaky in places because Danya was laughing, too. Next time, I won't forget the tripod!

Thanks, Springfield!

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