Monday, April 14, 2008


I am so excited about the upcoming SHEM conference in Springfield, MO! Last year, it was one of my favorite conferences! (Okay, they are all my favorites!) But the folks at SHEM are just wonderful, and we enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to know lots of the people there. If you're planning to be there, I am working on another "Top Ten" list! This time, it is going to be the Top Ten list of ways that mothers are a lot like their sons! I'll be doing this during the session called, "13 Going on Dirty: Five Things Every Mom Needs to Know about her Son." Come ready to laugh and learn about your precious, growing young man!

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Kelsey said...

Speaking of conferences, I loved both of the conferences that I went to, but I think I liked the first one more then the second one. I think that was because of the decision I made, I'll never forget the girl of worth conference because of that! And, since I made that decision, I've been a lot happier, I learned a lot of things, oh, and you posted a comment on my blog after that saying you'd pray for me, well, thank you for your prayers, they really did help!

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