Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Heart Connection

When I first started teaching writing to a group of homeschooled high school students last September, I had no idea that God would knit my heart to theirs. They were all sweet kids, and I already knew many of them through my daughter, but writing is an activity that unveils the heart. It is through the activities of the class that I have made a connection with each one of them, because I have caught glimpses of each student's real world. It's been an amazing journey, and I am delighted that the Lord has allowed me to be a small part of their lives.

Writing is one of the ways that God chooses to reveal Himself to us: through the power of His written Word. The Bible is incredible. I have been constantly reminded lately of the wealth of worth and power in the Scriptures. I have a friend who is a first-year missionary in Jerusalem, and she shared recently about a sermon she had heard:

[The pastor] reminded us that every saved person is in full-time ministry. That Jesus owns us. That He purchased us and paid for us. And if we call ourselves followers of Him, we commit ourselves to partner with Him in establishing His Kingdom on earth. He also reminded us that we have a very real enemy, one who will constantly challenge us with, "Did God really say.....?" and our defense for that is to KNOW what the scriptures DO SAY. For ourselves. Not because we listen to someone else interpret them, but because we READ THEM. He challenged us to wake up and take responsibility for our faith.... or to stop calling ourselves believers.

Once again, I'm challenged to rise to the risk of my faith. We can't THINK the Word, LIVE the Word, PRAY the Word, or DO the Word, unless we READ the Word. Read it to know what He says! Read it to know His heart! The Word is your heart connection to Jesus Christ!


Kelsey said...

Good point about the last part, I agree with you. That was a good post. My mom put a video on my blog, could you come check it out??? You might want to have your speakers on. Well bye.

Kelsey said...

Speaking of writing, I actually go to a writing class at our co-op. I don't like writing, it's to hard! We were on Spring break this week, so I couldn't see my friends at co-op for 2 weeks, it seemed like 2 months! And soon it'll be over for this year, until like, September or November! Volleyball practice is already over, like I said last year, if only we could have co-op and volleyball practice and not school everyday. Well bye.

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