Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wise Up! book and Bible not allowed??

My cousin Sara and I are taking a group of 6th - 9th grade girls through a group study of Wise Up! Experience the Power of Proverbs. This is so much fun for me to actually lead the study over these next several weeks and watch how the book of Proverbs plays out in the girls' lives!

Last week, one of the girls, Storm, was doing her study homework during a study hall at school. She had her Bible open as she answered the questions. A teacher walked up and asked her what she was doing. Storm said that she was doing her Bible study. The teacher said, "Well, you can't do that. It's not allowed. That might offend some of the other students."

Fortunately, Storm is a smart girl and she knew that the teacher really did not know what is and is not allowed in a public school, according to the law. She said, "I knew I couldn't preach to anyone, but I thought it was okay to just have my Bible out and be reading it."

Well, of course it is! The teacher dropped it, and walked away. Isn't that insane? Wise Up! is now like contraband! I personally think that is pretty cool, and I used Storm's story in our class to make the point that no matter what people have to say about the Bible, the fact that it can still cause an uproar, 2000+ years later, just proves how powerful the Word Of God really is! And I am so proud of Storm for carrying her Bible to school and not being ashamed to be studying it during her free time.


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Polly said...

her response shows a lot of maturity and nerve! good for her!!!

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