Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Rebecca has been featured at homeschool and parenting events throughout the United States. A fun and informative speaker, Rebecca is timely and relevant, encouraging moms and dads who feel the pressures of raising their children in today's secular culture. Each session lasts 50 - 60 minutes.


**NEW TOPIC FOR 2012!** Square Peg, Round Hole: Shaping Your Daughter’s Identity in a Be-Like-Everyone-Else World The battle lines are drawn and war is waged on our daughters every day. Whether she is bombarded by images and scenes from the ever-present media or assaulted internally by doubts and misgivings of her own imaginings, a growing girl believes she will never measure up to anyone’s expectations. Join Rebecca in this faith-based session to learn what you can do to prevent a crisis of identity theft and equip your daughter with the knowledge of her true identity, gifts, and potential.

THE MISSIONAL MOM: LIVING THE GOOD LIFE! Cloistered within our churches and homes, we have denied our children the adventure of missional living because we’ve kept them safe. Safety, however, is no substitute for strength. Dynamic, on the edge, radical Christian living would be so appealing to our kids, but they have to first see it in us. As mothers, we have a unique opportunity to show our kids the authenticity of the Christian life and the reality of a walk with Christ on a daily basis. Can everything we do come to rest on a point of focus that consistently calls us to connect others to Him? Don’t miss the mission!

WONDER YEARS OR THUNDER YEARS: PARENTING YOUR MIDDLE SCHOOLER WITH PASSION AND PURPOSE The middle school year are a time of great transition, for you and for your child. Sharing candidly about choices, friendships, and the American culture, Rebecca reveals the five dangers lurking on the 'tween scene. She advises moms and dads to combat these dangers by building the remaining years of parenting on a foundation of these forgotten virtues--reverence, modesty, charity, meekness, and fidelity of heart.

Boys are different, Mom! Our sexually permissive culture is already sending your son signals that real manhood equals an aggressive thirst for power and a lustful hunger for promiscuity. How do you whet your son’s appetite for Christ alone? Join Rebecca to learn the secrets every mother needs to know about raising a godly son.
13 GOING ON FLIRTY: FIVE THINGS EVERY DAD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT HIS DAUGHTER (DADS ONLY!) (Special session by Rebecca's husband, Rich Powell) When Daddy's little girl starts looking like a woman, she feels awkward and he does too! During this critical time, however, dads can't pull away. Your daughter needs your affection, encouragement, and guidance now more than ever! Pastor Rich Powell will encourage dads to be the man their daughter needs during her teen years.

SAFE KIDS OR STRONG KIDS? MESSING WITH YOUR MOTIVATION FOR HOMESCHOOLING The Powells moved their family from the comfortable ministry of a suburban church to the rough-edged mission field of the inner city. In doing so, they were forced to discern their true motivation for homeschooling and how it matched up with Christ’s call on the Christian family. Are you out to raise safe kids or strong ones? With the frankness of one who has "been there, done that," Rebecca challenges today's homeschooling parents to live what they believe.

REACHING THE HEART OF YOUR CHILD: PRACTICAL PARENTING FOR TODAY'S CHRISTIAN HOME Biblical strategies for parenting never go out of style! But what does God's Word have to say about parenting? How do you incorporate those methods into your home? And will it really make a difference? Join Rebecca and learn (1) what the Bible says (2) how to apply it, and (3) why it will transform your family today and in the years to come.

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