Monday, August 5, 2013

Setting Up Your Homeschool Student for a Successful Post-High School Journey

Over the years, I've enjoyed teaching many homeschooled high school students in writing and advanced writing classes. Every writing class that I've taught has included a research paper--but not just any research paper. I have my students do a career research paper. This is a semester-long project that includes researching a career through interviews, hands-on experiences, and lots of current Internet research. It never fails that there are students who become more determined than ever to pursue the career they chose to research. But sometimes, I will have students who encounter some unforeseen reality about their chosen career that causes them to veer off that path and onto something totally different. I'm always thankful when this happens, because in taking the time to do the research and talk to people, they are taking the time to make a wise choice regarding how they will spend their post high school years.

For example, Cal was a senior who was headed for the police academy. Then he researched what being a police officer was all about, including interviewing several men who were on the police force in our community. He had been excited about carrying a gun, but realized he wasn't so excited about having to use one. He soon decided he just wasn't wired for that kind of job. But he discovered he loved interviewing the officers and telling their stories. He changed his course and headed to get a degree in journalism.

Kellye wanted to be an emergency room nurse. When she was a child, her older brother had a severe accident and was rushed to the hospital. She remembered the ER as place where she felt safe and comforted. However, upon doing her research, she saw the ER in a different light. Being a nurse wasn't what she wanted to do at all. She wanted to be a social worker. Those were the people who had really helped her during her family's crisis.

When my son decided to pursue business, he needed to look at all aspects of it. He had a job that enabled him to learn how to be a great employee. After several months, he received a promotion, was moved to supervisor, and took on more responsibility overseeing a group of several people. Building his ACT test prep website gave him real life experience in learning how to manage his time, develop his web skills, and learn how to ask the right questions to learn from his mentors' life experiences. During his college summer internship, he learned more about business theories, skills, and strategies from people on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship--and he knew he loved it.

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All this led to a new project of creating a business that will provide an income stream for him as he transitions into life as a college student. While I and others helped him navigate through his first website, with this new business, he's on his own, and he knows the importance of getting the word out.

Whatever your child chooses to take on, be sure that you have given him the tools to make a wise choice that fits him and his gifts. Then give him the time and space to do the research that will help him discover the reality behind the career he's interested in.


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