Friday, September 21, 2012


Go HERE to view Karla's video on the Tennessee Oncology Website.

What a long road it has been for my precious sister-in-law and her family. But look at what it says on that picture: KARLA / BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR.

Those are sweet words, and I want you to hear and see her tell a little about her story in that short video, so please take a few minutes and do that. People ask me everywhere I go, "How's Karla?" So, I thought you might like to see for yourself. :)

Karla will be participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk coming up on October 20th. If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society, please visit her donation page HERE.



Kris said...

That is wonderful news, Rebecca! I'm so happy to hear it.

Jenifer Parris said...

Praise the Lord!! She is so precious and CANCER FREE!!! :-) Miss you! Neely's open heart surgery is October 11th. Would covet your prayers my friend!


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