Monday, June 13, 2011

Party in the Healing Room

Karla and I had no idea what to expect from her first chemo appointment. We have both heard stories about how debilitating chemotherapy can be, so there was a lot of apprehension. She just had her port placed the day before, and she was very tender and sore in that area from the surgery. But we had a lot to be happy about, however, because her PET scan had come back clean--Praise the Lord! The cancer is confined to one area and it has not traveled anywhere else.

When we got to what our new friend Carilu (another cancer patient who is just two weeks ahead of Karla in her treatment) refers to as "the healing room," it was very quiet. Several people were sleeping as the medications were being pumped into them, and it was really just a sober, reverent kind of atmosphere. Karla asked the nurse, "Is it okay to laugh? Because we're going to talk and laugh!" (And that is just us. Wherever we are, we are going to talk and laugh!) The nurse smiled and said, "Sure," and Carilu, who had been curled up resting in her chair, sat up and said, "I would love to hear laughter." And so began a new friendship. Karla and Carilu:
  • both have breast cancer.
  • both have sons named Luke.
  • both are losing their hair.
  • both are going through the greatest trial of their lives.
  • both love Jesus. 
That last thing--they both love Jesus--that's how come there was a party in the healing room. Karla was cranking up some DANYA music on her iPod, and Carilou asked, "Is that Christian music?" Then they just started sharing with each other about their faith, their families, and their feelings about having breast cancer. They will be a great support to each other, and God definitely provided and prepared for the two of them to meet. Amazing, and oh, how very sweet of Him!

Let me just tell y'all something about my sister-in-law, who showed me a living example of one who rests in her identity in Christ. Karla was learning each nurse's name and trying to get to know each one a little bit as they came over to poke her with drugs during those three hours of chemotherapy. (After all, they will all be traveling this road with her, and she is into building relationships!) One young nurse came over and something was obviously troubling her. Karla picked up on it right away, and she began gently asking her if everything was okay. Really. That is so like her! Even in the healing room, Karla was not focused on herself. She was focused on those around her.

The next few days after chemo, however, well, let's just describe those as the chemo hangover, LOL. She has battled nauseau, tremendous achiness, and the all-over feeling of yuckiness multiplied. Tomorrow I'll be sharing our verses for the battle, a listing of several Scriptures that we are praying on this journey. If anyone has any tips to share for those after-chemo days, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for each and every prayer!

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Kris @ WUHS and Eclipsed said...

What a blessing Karla must be to all those around her. Such a touching post. Praising God with you that Karla's cancer hasn't spread!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Thanks, Kris!

Yes, that was a huge praise and such a relief to find out that it was all clear!

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