Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Memorize Scripture? Three Reasons that Will Motivate You!

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“Our families are in a battle. We will be tempted. And we need an arsenal of truth in our hearts and minds so we are equipped to stand firm.” ~Caroline Boykin, author, The Well-Versed Family

Scripture memory is becoming obsolete in many of our churches today, yet, like prayer and Bible study, it is a critical Christian discipline. Do you know how easy it is to hide the Word in your children’s hearts? And do you know how the hidden Word will make a difference when your kids are making everyday decisions, as well as once-in-a-lifetime ones?

 Caroline Boykin is the author of The Well-Versed Family. She shares three key reasons why we should be memorizing Scripture as well as teaching our children to.

 Because God tells us to. "He’s really clear about that," says Caroline. "He tells us in Deuteronomy 6 to impress these words upon our own hearts, and then impress them on our children. Any tme that God tells us to do something, we know there is an express reason for it."

 Because the value is immeasureable. "We’re trying to desperately as moms these days to create the best environment and provide everything for our kids to nourish them so they will flourish and grow, educationally and every other way, too," Caroline notes. "All of the things we are trying to provide for our kids—comfort, guidance, hope, joy, peace, prosperity, health, and wisdom—are linked to the knowledge of God’s Word."

Would you send your child out to play football without the proper equipment? Would you allow a road trip to be taken without your child wearing a seatbelt? Then why expect to send your child safely out into today’s culture without being properly equipped and protected by the Word of God?

Because of the world that we live in.“Our kids need to have God’s Word at their disposal simply because of the world we live in,” Caroline agrees. “The stakes are so high. The spiritual challenges and dangers of living in this culture are beyond what we could have ever imagined. Satan is trying to destroy our kids from the inside out, and unless they have the weaponry to combat that, they really are sitting ducks.” (Connect with Caroline online at The Well Versed Family.)

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