Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great Bible Memory Tips! 18-year-old Mallory Powell Inspires You to Memorize God’s Word (Part Two)

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If you read Part One of Mallory's story yesterday, then you probably want to know the HOW behind her success in memorizing large portions of Scripture.

"Generally when I memorize a book or lengthy passage," she explains, "I read through it entirely, several times, just to know where I'm headed.  Then I will take it by chapters, or break it down into the sections as it is divided in the Bible version that I'm using. Then I will take a verse, say it in my head several times, and just begin adding those memorized verses together."

Mallory also likes to memorize as she walks. As an auditory learner, she has enjoyed memorizing by using The Word of Promise: Complete Audio Bible. (I recently purchased The Word of Promise New Testament MP3 Audio Bible, and taking a cue from Mallory, I've been listening to Ephesians while I walk on the treadmill!) "When I'm memorizing as I walk, I'm constantly hitting stop, repeating it, and then hitting play." Here's a few more ideas:

Typing. When you type out verses you are attempting to memorize, you are engaging both visual and kinesthetic aspects of learning. So you are seeing it, and you are being active in the motion of striking the computer keys.

Write on a dry erase board. Use a dry erase board to write a passage, then have someone go through it erasing various words. Go back through the verse inserting the missing words.

Cards. Flash cards are great for memorizing one verse at a time or shorter passages of Scripture.

How are you doing when it comes to the discipline of Scripture memorization? Mallory inspires me to return to this practice and pursue it with greater diligence. I hope meeting her has done the same for you! Got any memory tips you'd like to share? I'd love to learn from you!

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Melody said...

If I am memorizing certain verses vs. an entire passage, I like to write the first few words of the verse on one side of a small piece of paper and the verse's reference on the other side of the paper. I put all of the verses I am working on in a hat or something like that. Then whenever I walk by throughout the day, I pick one out to see if I can quote from memory. Either from the reference or from the first couple of words.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


I love that! Great idea!

Ashley said...

I am not near as diligent as Miss Mallory but I use a recipe box with tabs labeled daily, mwf, t/th/, and then a tab for everyday of the week (mon, tues, wed, etc..)
When I begin working on a verse I write it on an index card and store it in daily. After I become comfortable with the verse and can say it without looking, I move the card from daily to MWF-where I review the verse 3x a week. I work on it some more and move it to Tues/Thurs- where I review it 2x a week. Then I keep progressing with that verse until eventually it is stored in one specific day (ie. Thursday)- where I review it 1x a week. All the while, I try to continue to add verses to daily. This helps me because I find I "memorize" verses only to forget them later on.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


I think I could do it this way! I love how you have built in the element of constant review! I have a recipe box that I keep verses in too, but I have never thought of anything like what you're doing.

I'm going to give it a try!

Thanks for sharing! :)

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