Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Love This Season's "American Idol"

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There are lots of reasons to be enjoying the 2011 season of American Idol! As the season continues to showcase great music, impressive performances, and ever-evolving talent, here's my Top 5!

5. I know somebody. For the first time in ten years of Idol, I actually knew somebody who went through the auditions and made it to Hollywood! My friend Cherie's son Johnny Drennan got cut while in Hollywood, but it sure was fun journeying through that process with them! Johnny sang at Danya's graduation party, and I actually saw him perform his very first time playing out in Nashville! Fun stuff--and a great learning experience--which has given the hoopla of Idol a great big dose of reality! (Read Six Things I Learned from the American Idol Auditions: One Mom's Perspective)

4. James Durbin. When I was speaking in Alabama a few weeks ago, a mom asked me for some recommendations for her middle school age son who has Asperger's syndrome. One thing we talked about was getting some people in front of him who had Asperger's and were succeeding against the odds. And when I asked if they were fans of Idol, she replied, "Oh, yes. We are rooting for James!" James is on my list for several reasons: Talent--well, he's got oodles of it--but also persistence, dedication, determination, and raw courage. Living with not only Asperger's, but also Tourette's, James has managed to rise above these difficulties and pursue his dreams. My fave Durbin performance? While My Guitar Gently Weeps (When he cried at the end of it, I thought I would lose it too!)

3. Speaking the Truth in Love. I don't miss Simon, LOL! I am really enjoying how the judges this year are giving the performers constructive feedback, and with every assessment, they seem to be honestly on the contestant's side, just speaking the truth in love. Sometimes it's hard to get your best friend to tell it like it is, you know? We all need someone who is not afraid to tell us the truth, in love, while never letting us forget they are cheering us on. (I love EpicParenting's post on Parenting Tips from American Idol.)

2. Always a lesson. We always learn something from watching the show. Having a daughter in the music biz, we pick up bits and pieces--from the judges, from the tips the producers give the contestants, and from the idols themselves. The DANYA band was just in Louisville last weekend for the second round of a Battle of the Bands (they made it!), which was judged American Idol-style, by a group of three judges. Knowing how to handle critical feedback is an important life lesson in and of itself, learning what to hold on to and apply and what to shake off and forget about.

1. Steven Tyler's reading glasses.  Yes, this is my number one! Thanks to Steven Tyler, reading glasses are now oh-so-glam! I love when he picks his up because he needs them, and looks over the top of them, giving this new necessity in my life a "cool factor."

Can't wait to see the show tonight!

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life...just saying said...

I like your post. I like American Idol and had a post about it myself myself a while back. So cool that you know a contestant that made it so far. And The Danya Band rocked Louiville Saturday! So happy she made it through!

chris said...

Great post and thank you for the EpicParent Love!!

thank you!

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