Monday, March 28, 2011

Do You Want a Good Kid or a Great One?

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What is a good kid?
Does it mean a kid who does not get into trouble, keeps a low profile, and does not do anything to cause his parents to spend extreme amounts of time and energy on his care and upkeep?
Does it mean a kid with good grades and athletic skills and the goal of a lucrative career?
As a parent, that is not what I am going for. I am going for greatness. I want to raise really great kids. When these child-rearing years are mostly over and my children leave the nest for higher education, I do not want them to be known as “good kids.” I want them to be known as great kids.

Not because they got the best grades and were offered scholarships to Ivy League schools.
Not because they are the strongest or the fastest or the best-looking.
Not because they hung out with the “right” kids and made prosperous connections.

So, what is a great kid? Dr. Tim Kimmel says, “True greatness is a passionate love for Jesus Christ that shows itself in an unquenchable love and concern for others.” Most parents who plan on raising good kids—successful kids—esteem wealth, beauty, power, and fame. These values revolve around self. In his book, Raising Kids for True Greatness: Redefine Success for You and Your Child, Dr. Kimmel recommends developing four characteristics in order to grow really great kids: humility, gratefulness, generosity, and a servant spirit. These traits place the focus on others. Teaching our children to value these Christ-like characteristics begins with us parents placing an emphasis on setting the example in our own lives. Learn more about each characteristic along with practical tips for implementing them when you click on the links:

A Servant Spirit

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