Thursday, February 17, 2011

Imagine a World Where Purity is Preferred

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What a great weekend I got to spend visiting with children's ministry leaders from across the state of Kentucky! My friend Susan Henson, author and founder of the Pure In Heart Conference ministry, spoke to children's directors and leaders on the importance of equipping children and parents with teaching focused on purity. The statistics she shared with these leaders were heart-breaking.

There is a tremendous need for laying a biblical foundation of purity in the hearts of our very young children. They need to hear it from us, as parents and church leaders, before they hear what the world has to say about purity. That's why the Pure In Heart Conference is geared for moms/grandmoms/mentors and girls ages 7 to 12. We talk to the girls about specific cultural lies that will sneak up and grab them by the throat--and for the older girls, especially, they've heard those lies already, and they've bought into them. We go in like Nehemiah and begin re-building the wall of God-centered thinking, re-claiming those tender hearts for the Lover of their souls, Christ Jesus! We have a lot of fun with the girls, just talking about the fact that love, real love, comes from a pure heart (a heart that is undivided, sold out to Jesus), a clear conscience (living as unto Him, with a focused effort on positive, healthy relationships with friends and siblings), and a sincere faith (a faith that really looks like love in action!)

While the girls are in their break-out sessions, mothers and mentors are getting some girl talk of their own, with powerful speakers who don't mince words when it comes to getting over a broken past in order to present your daughter with an intact future. They talk about the hard stuff: forgiving yourself; being determined to stand up against a raging, sin-sick culture; and receiving the true worth and value that Christ offers.

And that's why, everywhere the conference has been held, it has sold out--with literally hundreds left on a waiting list.

We're coming to Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles, LA, in just a few weeks. What would it take to get you and your daughter there? What mountains must be moved for you to attend? Consider yourself most cordially invited! I would love to see you there!

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