Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Top 10 Ways You Know You are the Child of Homeschoolers

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A very special homeschooling family recently welcomed a grandchild into the world! I am so excited for them! This week, my wrap-up is written with second generation homeschoolers in mind. Here are the top ten ways you know that you are the child of homeschoolers! (I hope y'all enjoy this! I had a lot of fun writing it! Thanks to the homeschool moms and homeschooled kids who offered input so my readers would LOL!)

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10. Your journey through the birth canal is counted as your first field trip.

 9. You are swaddled in denim.

 8. Your parents have charted the past nine months on a timeline mounted across their living room wall.

 7. Your parents' greatest stress has been deciding which letter of the alphabet would begin your name (thus setting the precedent for all future siblings' names)

 6. Your nursery is wallpapered with world maps.

 5. Your first rattle is made of salt dough.

 4. Your parents insisted on a midwife who could speak Latin.

 3. Your aunts and uncles are currently writing papers on neonatal development, postpartum depression, and the rising cost of health care.

 2. Your grandmother is pregnant.

 1. Your mother grinds her own breast milk.

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Jenifer said...

Ha! Love it!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOL Awesome!


Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Yay--I was hoping everyone would get a laugh!

Ellen said...

Hilarious! I especially liked the "grinds her own breastmilk" one.

Jennifer said...

lol! hehe! But I sure hope you're kidding about some of them. . . . I'm a second generation homeschooler and the only latin I know is Semper Fi - and that's only from watching war history stuff with my hubby! lol!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

LOL--Don't worry...I'm kidding about all of them (well, almost all of them) :D

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