Monday, November 15, 2010

Pure In Heart is on Facebook!

What a great weekend!

We had such a blast at the Pure In Heart Conference Saturday! It is so hard to describe everything that goes on and just the atmosphere at the conference--it is so unlike anything else! One mom I met kept saying, "I just didn't know, I didn't know--I didn't know what this day would bring!" I think that she, like a lot of the moms there, really didn't expect to meet God the way she did at this event. Moms go for their girls. They go wanting their daughters to get a divine perspective on life, love, and the LORD. And what they don't expect is how God has plans for them to meet Him in new ways. They are surprised by His love and concern for them--for the moms. They are freshly taken aback by His nearness, His tenderness, His "I'm-still-right-here-ness." Isn't He so good like that? :)

Danya and I just loved our teen volunteers! At every conference, we have had the privilege of learning a few of their stories, and it never fails to move me. I'm thankful for all those teens who gave up their Saturday to be the extra hands and feet--and hearts--that we need for our PIH girls.

Want to see people's comments and pics of last weekend's Pure In Heart Conference? Check out the FB page HERE.

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