Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Because No One Is Going To Do It For You--Just Do It!

Hey Everybody,

A friend asked me recently, "How are you saving so much money with coupons?" She had attended the coupon classes that Kelly taught at my church last summer, and yet, she wasn't saving any money at the grocery store.
Concerned, I started to ask some questions. "Are you meal-planning? Are you buying what's on sale? Are you buying extra papers each week and keeping your coupons organized?" She wasn't doing any of the things we had been taught!

Here's a news flash that we all eventually learn: No one is going to do it for you. Whether it's making your bed every morning, finding your keys, or saving money, there are certain things that, if you're like me, you have to do yourself. It would be nice to have a maid, a personal assistant, and a money tree in the back yard, but that's not happening! So what are you waiting for?

Couponing has become my own personal adventure. (Well, that's an adventure, and driving with my almost 16 yo son has become an adventure in and of itself. Let me just interrupt this post with a big "Thank you, Hand of the Lord, that surely saved us yesterday afternoon!" But that is for another post! Boys are different, moms...) It's a game, a hobby, and a lot of fun. But the coupons don't clip themselves. And the meals don't plan themselves.

Saving money doesn't just happen.

Like anything, whether it is budgeting, exercising, parenting, or having a quiet time each day, you have to make a decision. And you know what? You really have to make those kinds of decision every day. It just takes one splurge on the credit card, one day you skip your walk, one day you let the kids walk all over you, or one day of hitting the snooze, and BLAHM! you're on a slippery slope!

How about today? Let today be the day you do something you've been meaning to do!

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