Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What are you praying for your child’s first day of school?

Everybody has those first day jitters! Prayer goes a long way (from your lips to His Ear, in fact!) in keeping both you and your child peaceful as school begins. Here are a few things you can pray for your child as students, parents, and teachers get our collective groove on to begin the new year:

The right teachers. Pray for your child to have teachers who will challenge and motivate him in the learning process. Once teachers are assigned, make it a point to pray nightly with your child for his teachers--by name.

The right attitude. School is not always fun and games. After the initial “welcome back” phase wears off, students must be ready to apply themselves with diligence. Ask God to help your child stay motivated, giving her a vision that keeps her focused over the long haul.

The right friends. First, pray for your child to be the right kind of friend. Remind him that as Christians, we best express our faith through our love for others--especially those most unloveable! Then, ask God to provide healthy relationships for your child’s daily connections.

Homeschooling moms have a similar list of needs. Remember, the teacher you are praying for is yourself! Don't neglect that! You may also want to enlist a couple of praying friends to add you to their prayer list as you begin this new year.


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