Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Better Than Disney World: Family Camp

Yeah. I said that. And I'm not the only one! My family loved spending a week at the Life Action Family Camp in Buchanan, Michigan. There was something for everybody, and there was some "nothing" time, as well, which several of us really needed!

For seven days, we and 25 other families (from all over the U.S.) spent time away from everything that is usual, and we relished the gifts of family worship, rest, and play. Oh, it was a treat! The facilities were hotel-ish enough for Danya and me and rustic enough for the guys. The food was superb. Three great meals a day, plus a fun snack every evening (things like build your own sundaes, make your own pretzels, and s'mores). The camp is located on a beautiful lakefront, so there was a beach area where I spent most every afternoon, and tubing, canoeing, water slides, and a "blob" for the kids.

Getting away can end up being a lot of work, and sometimes you come home from a vacation feeling exhausted. We came home feeling truly refreshed. The worship times twice a day were contemporary and fun for everyone. The teachings by camp director Jimmy Herdklotz were spot on and delivered in a fresh, fun way. My only regret is that we didn't know about Family Camp ten years ago. Dear friends told us about it and invited us to join them this year.

So glad we did! And I feel it is my duty to tell y'all about it. Don't miss out! Start making memories of Family Camp in 2011. Space fills up quickly, so check it out--you can thank me later! ;)

Ready for fun!
Silly boys! (Middle Schoolers LOL)
Alfresco Dining--LOVE it!

Family Games--WHAT? Tournament


Jenifer said...

This looks like such a great time! Thanks for sharing!

2Thinks said...

Looks perfect. And Michigan to boot- nice!

Heidi- from Michigan

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hey girls, It really was perfect! Jenifer, it is worth the drive, girl! Y'all should really consider it!

Heidi, I had never been to MI before--beautiful state!


Anonymous said...

Loved being there with ya'll! Lucas read the post and said, "Yeah, duh, of course it is better than Disney!" Dennis said, "Yeah, duh, it's cheaper too!" Beth

Beth said...

Logan just helped me go from anonymous to Beth, thank goodness for 15 year old boys!

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