Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom's Tip of the Day #63

Mom's tip of the day

Carpooling? Be sure your car is clean and comfortable. Play Christian music to create an atmosphere that kids will immediately recognize as different.



Mandi Brown said...

We listen to Christian music 99% of the time, but a clean car... Never heard of it!!!

It seems every time I do clean it out 5 minutes later it is destroyed!! My father-in-law frequently "Mandi, did anyone get hurt?" because my car looks like a tornado hit it!

Mandi Brown said...

Sorry forgot to put that my father-in-law frequently ASKS.
My head gets ahead of my slow fingers!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

I've ridden in your car, and I am always very comfortable. I don't mind the "storm" because it reminds me of my own! LOL! But what I've discovered is that one person--the mom--can't keep it clean on her own. If three people are trashing it, those three people need to get on board with keeping it clean! (I'll bet when they get their own cars, they will keep those VERY clean! LOL!)

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