Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What is Mom Seriously All About?

So, what is Mom Seriously all about? Let me tell you a story:

Derek, my youngest, was the most difficult of my three deliveries. He actually got stuck in the birth canal, and so there were some scary moments. One of my nurses literally freaked out, and my doctor was nowhere to be found. We later discovered he was actually in the hospital, watching Sports Center--it was March Madness, after all--and since he was a Kentucky fan, all was forgiven. :) He really was quite capable, and working together with the Lord, Derek arrived safe and sound. When it was all over and things had settled down, the nurse brought Derek over to me and said, “Well, you can relax. The hard part’s over.”

And I had to just look at her, smile, and shake my head. "Oh no," I replied, "the hard part will be raising him to be a godly man.” And indeed, that is the hard part. You have to "mom" seriously. You can't just fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to mothering. You have to pray, plan, work, and wean. And while every day is a new beginning, this season of life is fleeting. It only comes around once.

So that's the crux of what's behind the new name. Sure, I hear "mom seriously" said this way plenty of times: "Mom...seriously" (complete with the sigh!). But I started thinking about that phrase, being the word nerd that I am, and the Lord revealed to me that there was a lot more to it. If you think of mom as a verb, how do you want to do it?
I want to do the very best I can at motherhood, like I know you do. Join me here for advice, encouragement, and inspiration as together we "mom seriously."


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2Thinks said...

Serioulsy, you are so right about this. The time dissipates. I've been searching everywhere for where it went! Our youngest of three, and only daughter, is 3 months from graduation with scholarships on the table to a school almost 4 hours from here!


I'm not ready.

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