Friday, March 19, 2010

Watch This Danya Music Clip!

Hey Everybody,

Here's Danya and her band playing in a club called "The Muse" in downtown Nashville. My son David describes this club as "a gas station men's restroom where they play music." (That would be funny until you go there and you see that it is an accurate description!) It is located across the street from an "adult" store, and well, let's just say it is not a place where you would expect to hear people praising God.

But then there's Danya. And that's just what she does! To her right, on the guitar, is Matt Morris. Behind her on drums is Mat Poole. And to her left on bass is Kelli Hill. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!



Mommy to Constance said...

Your daughter is talented! I watched the clip with my 15 month old in my lap and she just danced and danced!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Your daughter obviously has great taste in music! LOL! :)

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