Thursday, March 18, 2010

Put a Spin on It! (Part Two)

This Mom Thing is a lot harder than anyone expects. Consider the life of a new mom:
  • She's tired.
  • She can't think straight.
  • She's got hips and rolls and bulges that she never had before.
  • Her house is a wreck.
Kids definitely change our lives. They bring an element of chaos to the most orderly women. They bring a factor of confusion to women who are the most clear-minded. And they bring a heart of commitment to the most flighty.
So what if you put a spin on it when things seem out of control? What if you just stopped and sang a worship song to put things in perspective? The enemy flees when we worship God in spite of our circumstances! You'll send him packing in no time when you stop and thank God for:
  • Being tired (How many women long to rock a baby through a sleepless night?)
  • Having baby on the brain (This is called bonding!)
  • The hips and rolls and bulges (These are your battle scars, earned for sacrificing your figure in order to bring life into this world!)
  • A wrecked house (You have more important things to do than clean your house!)
After listening to Jayson's thoughts, I began to thank God for the email I had received. I praised Him for allowing me to bring a message of hope and renewal to new moms. I thanked Him for the opposition because that meant I was actually getting somewhere! In the same way, when you realize you have an enemy who longs to sabotage your family from its infancy, be sure you remember you have a Savior who offers you victory! Because of Him, you are undefeated, Mom!

Surely I'm not the only one who has those days of feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared, and completely inadequate for the tasks at hand. Let's make a choice today: Let's live like winners!
Yes, today: Live like the winner you are!


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