Thursday, March 4, 2010

Consistency is Key

"Consistency is key." How many times have you heard that said in reference to parenting? Every mom that mentored me along the way said it. I believe it, and my children have proven it to be true. Consistency is part of God's character. It is in His consistency that a sweet part of His character is revealed.
God’s consistency leads me to trust Him. It reveals His character. I know that He will keep His Word. I know that His promises are true. I do not have to wonder if He is going to come through for me. I know He will because He always has.
God’s consistency gives me security. As His child, I know He will not let me get away with sin. He disciplines those He loves. I know my place as one of His own because He cares enough to keep me in line.

God’s consistency allows me to be content. Like that playful little boy, I am often distracted by worldly enticements when I should be listening to my Father and living within the boundaries He has set for me. I have everything I need when I am content to stay at His side.

God’s consistency shapes my behavior. He is not going to change. I must change my behavior in order to become more like Him. When I toddle out of bounds, His unfailing mercy follows. His enduring love scoops me up! And His sufficient grace teaches, every time.

Your consistency reveals part of your character too. Can your kids count on you to be consistent? Or do rules change when Mom is tired, distracted, or out-of-sorts? Ask God to reveal His consistent nature through your parenting today!
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