Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Re-Entry: A Home that Says "Welcome!" (Part One)

“Lucy, I’m home!” Remember those immortal words that Desi Arnaz, as Ricky Ricardo, would call upon entering his home at the end of the workday? Lucy was always there with laughter and hi-jinks, but she also had a spotless house and dinner ready! I rarely (if ever) have a spotless house, and fortunately, that is okay with my husband! But a peaceful atmostphere, something that smells good coming from the kitchen, and kids who are happy to see him goes a long way! Does your home say “Welcome” at the end of the day?

Daddy is Home. When my children were little, we always made a big deal out of Daddy's arriving home. In the summer, the kids would have parades for him. Nothing is quite as cute as seeing little ones banging a "Welcome Home!" for Daddy with pots and pans in the front yard! If you stay at home, you can do several things to make your husband's transition from work to home smooth and easy.

A peaceful atmosphere. Problems? Wait to discuss them until after dinner.

A positive wife. Ask God to give you energy to enjoy family time, a positive outlook in case he's bringing home problems he needs to talk about, and godly wisdom to help him sort through his day.

A place where he fits in. Create a ritual for "daddy time" with your baby or young children while you prepare the evening meal. Most dads are ready to unwind and play or read books with the kids. For older kids, dads can help with homework and listen to the goings-on of the school day.

What about if you work as well? Check out Part Two of this post: Mommy is Home!


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