Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Man Cave (Part One)

Definitely the "before" picture!

Hey Everybody,

I've always known how important it was that girls have a place to call their own during their tumultuous growing up years, but evidently, it's pretty important to guys, too! For weeks this summer, my sons, along with a neighbor friend, have been working on transforming our basement into a "man cave." What you see in the picture is definitely the "before" picture!
Let me just say that the basement has never been my domain. Nope! Several years ago, when we were looking at this house with the intent to buy, I felt I needed to venture down to the basement. After all, if we were going to buy the house, I should at least look at it once, right? Well, when I pulled open the door to go down the stairs, I was completely unhinged by the fragrance of something absolutely wonderful: my grandfather. Pappaw had a shop in his basement where he did carpentry and woodworking. Whenever we went to see him and my mammaw in the summertime or during the holidays, he would take me down to show me his latest project. When I was little, I always had to have a Dixie cup filled with sawdust before I would agree to go back upstairs! Btw, only grandparents would let a child walk around a clean house with a cup full of sawdust! Pappaw's basement always smelled like a granddad should smell, you know? Just kind of musty and mannish. So when I caught a whiff of that basement aroma that day, I just burst into tears. It had been a long time since I had felt so close to Pappaw, and since the memory of him had been so vivid. All that to say, after my crying jag, once the basement checked out okay, I was done!
My sons, however, have looked at the basement, and where I see memories, they have seen the future! I know you want to see what they've done with the place, so come back tomorrow and I'll post some pictures. I feel sure that they are headed for Design Star. :)

Thanks for checking in with me, y'all--with school starting, and all kinds of senior-type things going on for my girl, basketball beginning for my guys, not to mention some more cool stuff I will share soon, I have neglected my blog! Thanks for your emails, comments, and encouragement!


Danielle said...

While at She Speaks this year, I bought your book Seasons of Change. I am [loving] it so far! Brings back memories of my own experiences. My daughter is nine and I so badly want to be able to help as she becomes a young woman, but I just don't know how. So reading books like yours, it's putting me along the path to knowing a little bit more.

I look forward to seeing the pictures tomorrow of what the Man Cave looks like now.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


Thanks so much! I love that you are reading the book and enjoying it!

I was barely given access back to the man cave to take pictures LOL...but I'll share what I've got tomorrow!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Can't wait to see it as I listen to Will riding the exercise bike down in our's!! Mine is being remodeled...maybe my boys can get ideas from yours...of course mine want a long-horn steer skull on the wall and a cow-skin rug on the floor....they are sooooo not my children!!

Kelly Combs said...

I can't wait to see the after picture!

amy said...

I will definetly be praying about the transitions that you posted on my wall! Be blessed! I love the post about the man cave! WE have a basement too and that is what I jokingly say when my husband goes down there to "unwind"! LOL!

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