Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolve to Re-Use and Recycle (#19 - #25)

In my quest to maintain a clutter-free home, I often overlook the fact that before I toss, I could possibly recycle.

19. Save the wax paper from the inside of cereal boxes. Just trim the ends with a pair of scissors and cut it down the middle (makes two good-sized pieces).

20. Use the netting from a bag of potatoes as a kitchen scrubber.

21. Toss a lightly used steel wool pad into the freezer. When you need it, it will be ready to use again.

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22. Save $50 this year by simply using cloth napkins instead of paper. Why not?

23. Reuse old toothbrushes. First, run them through your dishwasher, then use for scrubbing everything from laundry stains to air conditioning vents.

24. Save children’s shoe boxes as creative organizers. Use as drawer dividers or as storage for craft and scrapbooking supplies. I have also reused egg cartons for things like jewelry (earrings, beads), office supplies (paper clips, rubber bands), and in the “junk drawer” (miscellaneous screws, nails, tacks, and washers).

25. Reuse the Sunday comics as creative gift-wrap for children’s gifts.

Got money-saving tips of your own? Please do share!

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