Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Behold, The Coupon Gal!

Hey Everybody!

What fun to have the Coupon Gal speak at our church tonight! Kelly Hancock is a fresh, informative speaker, and even the most seasoned shopper left with some valuable tips that could be implemented immediately to save money!

I am well on my way in this couponing game, but I still picked up LOTS more tips from Kelly! One thing I did not know was that she has tons of FREE (I know y'all love that word!) downloadable templates on her blog. You can pick up sheets for your freezer and pantry inventory, grocery list, and more! I asked y'all some time ago to hold me accountable for doing an inventory and since nobody has...well...

Like anything else, saving money at the grocery requires planning. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail, someone once said, and that totally applies to the coupon adventure!

(L to R) me, Kelly, Beth, and "my friend Sandy"

It was especially fun to share this event with good friends! If you've ever heard me speak at a homeschool conference, you've heard me talk about "my friend Sandy." Sandy and I have been homeschooling together for over 13 years! Both of us have senior daughters who are missions-minded. To us, that makes everything we've done over these years worth it all! While my Danya is heading toward a music ministry, Sandy's daughter Olivia is planning to serve in missions either at home or overseas. My friend Beth is an answer to prayer, plain and simple! We met last year through our sons, actually, and now she and her family are serving the Lord at our church. And Kelly--well, my goodness! How sweet of the Lord to bless me when I met Kelly through an article HomeLife magazine assigned me to write! You'll get to read it this coming spring!

Our "Coupon Gal" event was a great outreach for our church! I loved the way that Kelly brought in several devotional points as she seamlessly wove together the practical with the spiritual. She also stressed the importance of prayer and included several points on how to take our needs to the Faithful Provider. He is waiting for us to ask for His help!

The Lord, after all, is all about saving! And remember that word that y'all love? FREE? yeah, His offer of grace and a life spent with Him is a free gift. Check out the Recipe for Life here.


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Kelly Combs said...

I love your ending. That brought it all home! The free gift that keeps giving!

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