Monday, July 13, 2009

In a Heartbeat

If you're up early today, head over to Christian Family Radio and you might be able to catch some snippets of the interview that Danya, Melody, and I taped last Thursday up in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Just click "Listen Online" and from there it's pretty easy to open up their streaming broadcast in whatever player you have. If you're reading this post later in the day, check out DJ Susan West's "The Morning Cruise" page and you may be able to listen to us in the "As Heard on the Show" archives!

We first met Suz back in 2007 when we were promoting the Girl of Worth Conference! She is just as you would expect her to be if you are one of her radio listeners: funny, smart, and so into Jesus! Suz is a great interviewer because she has a way of making people feel so comfortable and not pressured at all; we all just felt like we were talking to a great friend! Suz is definitely a friend and a sister in the Lord!

Here are Danya and Melody sharing their hearts for a generation of teen girls who are caught up in a culture that has devalued them. Melody is absolutely driven with a passion for Jesus Christ that is inspiring to everyone she meets. The Young Woman of Worth Conference is something that the Lord planted in her heart, and it is her obedience that is bringing it to pass. She is a pleasure to work with, and I am blessed to call her my friend. :)

We are also particularly excited because Suz will be playing one of Danya's new songs, "In A Heartbeat." I don't know if the song will be included in the archived segments or not, but if you listen to the show live, you'll get to hear it for sure. You will love it! (It's my new favorite--I call it the happy song!) In fact, this song is now available by clicking HERE. Check out the preview! Do you love it too? I guarantee if you download it, it will be the best $.89 you will spend all day! CAUTION: "In a Heartbeat" is addicting--play it once, and you will play it over and over!



Chatty Kelly said...

I"m heading over to check it out now! What a blessing. Hope Danya's star continues to shine bright for Jesus!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Loved it, Go Danya!!

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