Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Young Woman of Worth Conference

Hey Everybody,

I spent some time yesterday chatting wth Melody Gidcumb, event coordinator for the upcoming Young Woman of Worth conference (and mighty woman of worth herself!). We are gearing up for an incredible day on Saturday, August 1. If you live anywhere around the area of Auburn, Kentucky, please check out this conference for high school girls (10th-12th grade). I would so love to see you there! The entire day is going to be focused around the story of Esther. I began preparing for this conference last October, and what I've learned about Esther since then, and more importantly, what I've learned about the Lord, is exciting stuff that I can't wait to share!

Today is a writing day for me--I'm deadlining on a feature for ParentLife. I'm looking forward to sharing about this particular article with all of you, and I will even be offering another free book giveaway next week, this time from an author with the kind of life story that makes you laugh, cry, and cheer! (Eventually, I think all of our life stories end up like that, don't you?) I hope all of you have a great Wednesday!


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Edie said...

The conference sounds like it's going to be great. I hope you share some of what you have learned in your study of the book of Esther with us. That would be a treat! :)

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