Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I love Thankful Thursday!

1. My new look! I am so thankful for Edie's giftings in putting this site together for me. I could have never pulled this off, and I'm just really grateful that Edie uses the creativity and design skills that God gave her for His glory!

2. ParentLife magazine. I am so grateful to write for this wonderful Christian parenting magazine. I'm also thrilled that they came alongside me to provide the FREE subscription for my giveaway package! If you haven't entered my giveaway, do it today! This is the last day, and the winner will be announced tomorrow.

3. Friends! It has been so much fun this week reading your comments. Y'all have blessed me! I even heard from a friend of mine from high school!

4. Leftover paint. I have been planning for some time to spend a week this summer fixing up the bathroom my kids share. I had a gallon of leftover paint from another project that was a great color for it, and I found new light fixtures at Lowe's today that were marked down 75%! Perfect!

5. God's re-design. Edie re-designed my blog, and as mentioned in #4, I've been re-designing the bathroom. I'm most thankful, however, for how the Lord has re-designed my life. The blood my Savior shed covers me in His righteousness, and the makeover He gave me continues to take place, from the inside out.

What are you thankful for today?



Jane In The Jungle said...

I am thankful for summer break, nothing to do today but "hang", friends who feed me LOL, being on the down side of shingles!

Susan D said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I like your new look too. Very nicely done. Blessings, SusanD

Chatty Kelly said...

I loved this. Great things to be thankful for!

Buildeth Her House said...

I love anything that has to do with design. YOur site looks great!!

skoots1mom said...

great site...
great list
enjoyed it

Lisa said...

Unexpected blessings are the best kind.
Blessings ~ Lisa

Edie said...

I am thankful for His continuous and unfailing Love.

I am thankful that He has allowed me to work with Christians in a way that helps with the ministries that He has given them.

I am thankful to have gotten to know you better.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


You are the best! Keep doing what you do for Him!

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