Friday, June 5, 2009


Hey Everybody,

I used the True Random generator for the drawing, and I'm delighted to announce the winner of the Mom Giveaway: Steve and Allison Alles. I'm assuming that Allison entered the contest, so Allison, please contact me with both your snail mail address and your email address. I will get your books out to you asap and your subscription to ParentLife started! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I am still working on that bathroom! I got to that point yesterday where I was just about halfway finished with everything, and I had one of those meltdown moments! I admit that I am easily overwhelmed, and rather than looking at all that I had accomplished so far this week, I looked at all that I had left to do. Ever done that? And let me tell y'all--I am so tired! I mean dog tired! So I just had to stop, pray, and ask the Lord to just help me! And that's where He picked up and I left off! My sons actually did most of the work yesterday, giving me a much-needed break! They primed the cabinets and all the trim (after I had taped everything in sight! :) ) Today I will actually get the trim and cabinets painted, and we will still be on schedule to finish everything up by Saturday evening, as the Lord allows! I wish I had taken pictures of the "before," but I will definitely take some pictures of the "after" so that y'all can see how it all turns out!

Thanks for hanging with me this week, everybody, as I have returned to blog-land!



Proverbs 27:19 said...

Yaaaaay for Allison!

Very generous of you Rebecca!


Edie said...

Congratulation Allison!! Kudos to you Rebecca for having a very generous giveaway!

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