Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here we go, everybody! We are heading to Carmi, Illinois, the home of the lovely Leigh Gray! I met Leigh several years ago at the 2004 She Speaks! Conference. Since then, she has followed God's leading to develop her own ministry and speaker team. By her side in ministry is one of my dearest friends, Ginger Moore. (Ginger was by my side when I gave birth to my son Derek eleven years ago! She was reading Scripture and praying for me while Rich was helping me with the breathing!) Leigh is also a fellow Tate author. Her book is due out very soon! Head on over to Leigh's blog, Speaking Thru Me, and get a load of her bloggy self!

In memory of those Americans who died September 11, 2001,
Our thoughts are with your families on this day.

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