Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where a Kid can be a. . .

Hey Everybody,

Have y'all started back to school? We started back yesterday. Most schools in our area started on Monday, and I always like for my kids to be able to tell their friends that they have an extra day or two before they have to start back! yeah, I know. With our extra day we visited that mecca of educational hoopla, Chuck E. Cheese's! It was so much fun. The place was practically deserted, so it was extra fun! Plus, all the kids had gift cards, PLUS we had a coupon, sooooo we got a large 2-topping pizza, (salad bar for me), four drinks, and a whopping 80 tokens for a cash outlay of less than $9. Can't beat that.

They have a new ride at the Chuck's that is a virtual rollercoaster/raceway/haunted mansion--they have like six "rides" and it was amazing! I forgot the name of it, but I highly recommend it. LOL!

My kids had such a good time together, and I got to feeling so emotional about how these years are slipping away that I had to sneak off to let a few tears fall! Then I was quickly back to the fun, but oh my goodness, sometimes it just hits me like that! Does it you?


Chatty Kelly said...

What a great day! I sometimes get emotional like that - my kids are younger than yours, but they just grow up so fast.

I have been quoting the Barbara Bush comment you left me a while back (slow days, fast years) like crazy. I just love it because it absolutely sums up motherhood!

Nancy King said...

Oh yes, we've had those days too! I especially had a hard time when Kelsey just turned a whooping 15 years old!!! I still can't believe she's grown that much, but spiritually I'm grateful that she's matured so much over the past two years.


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