Friday, August 8, 2008


above are (L to R) Ryan, Tim (MiM), Danya, Asa, Seth (MiM), and Dexter (MiM) in front.

Hey Everybody,

Last night was terrific! Danya got to open for a group that was just signed by Word Records: ME IN MOTION. These guys are from Ohio (yep, they talked funny!) and really, I just met them briefly, but they seem like a really nice bunch and very sincere about what they are doing.

Derek was drawn to the drummer, of course, since that's his instrument, but he got his picture made with each band member. Whenever I get a minute, I will post a few of those pictures. I'm really bad about that, so we'll see! (DONE! Thanks to my TEENAGER IN MOTION! That's Derek with Dexter.)

When Danya has a concert close by or when the band is all meeting here before a gig, I have been trying to cook for everybody (MOM IN MOTION). Danya has her favorites, and we all know the comfort of food, right? So I've been trying to do that. Last night we had chicken casserole, peas and carrots (I had done the carrots in the crockpot with an onion, then added the peas at the end. I must say, those were good--even the 3yo who I wasn't expecting was eating those!) Of course, no meal since 1997 has been complete at my house without mac n cheese, and then we finished with blackberry cobbler! :) The only problem with eating before a gig is that we eat pretty early, so we're hungry again by the time we get home! (WEIGHT IN MOTION, LOL!)

I love to take a picture of the empty room before it gets filled with whomever God brings. It reminds me of the true nature of an offering. Are we willing to give Him praise or teach His Word, even if no one shows up?

Last night's concert was held at our former home church, so that was very special! Lots of folks were there who had only heard about what Danya is doing and had never heard her sing, except for long ago in children's choir productions. It was fun to see their reactions and hear them pronounce their blessings on her ministry! I thank God for the blessing of a Church family, don't you? That is one of the richest blessings of faith in Christ--His arms surrounding us through our brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles in Christ! We feel so thankful, too, because Danya had both sets of grandparents in attendance last night. And Rich and I both had our sisters there, too, along with a few nephews and a niece! Praise the Lord!

I know that some of the gals whose blogs I read are going through church moves this summer, and I just want to encourage y'all in that your church family is the body of Christ. They will always have your back, no matter where you go. I still felt the warmth and love of my former church family last night, even though we have been serving at our church now for several years. If we're doing things right, we'll be the CHURCH IN MOTION anyway, because there will always be some degree of turnover as we go out to serve.

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Chatty Kelly said...

I'm impressed with your cooking! And your hospitality. You know, I think I'm just darned impressed with you. You are certainly a Mom in Motion - forward motion for sure.

Thanks for the encouragement too.

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