Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wow! What an incredible weekend spent at the She Speaks! Conference and ministering to the Next Generation girls! Danya and I had such a great time! It was a wonderful time for me to see some of the sweet P31 ladies that I had not seen since 2004 and catch up a little with them. It was a busy weekend, though, so there was not a lot of time for in-depth catching up with anybody!

Suzie Eller is a new friend--she spoke to the Next Gen-ers on Friday night, and I was just amazed at how God had coordinated our speaking topics. I had never met her, had not corresponded with her, and yet here we were, both of us speaking on life's "crossroads." God is just amazing!

I so loved meeting all the girls on the Next Gen track. You were beautiful, sweet, funny, honest, and so much FUN! Thanks for listening to me! And thank you soooo much for letting God do HIS thing on Saturday night. It was a precious time that I will never, ever forget. I am still absolutely amazed at how He was in charge of that, and how He planned it, sending such a special gift for you girls all the way from the land of the set apart. . .I have chills just thinking about it! YOU ARE SET APART AND ANOINTED FOR HIM!

Danya is already getting e-mails about "Hey Miley." Pray for us as God leads and provides for studio time for that song. I love it, too!

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Chatty Kelly said...

Hi Rebecca! It was nice to meet you at the She Speaks conference. I enjoyed chatting with you in the hall. I saw your daughter there, (not with you) and I immediately thought "I wonder if that is Rebecca's daughter?" You both have the same beautiful hair.

Anyway - it was great to meet you, and God willing, our paths will cross again in the future.

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