Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Media: Interview Questions for Season of Change by Rebecca Ingram Powell

  • What is your definition of a middle schooler, or a middler?
  • What are some of the ways we can help our daughters with what’s becoming known as “girl politics”?
  • How can we help our sons resist the lure of pornography?
  • Kids tend to clam up at this age. How can parents stay involved in their kids’ lives?
  • What do we need to be teaching our kids to look for in their friendships?
  • What did God teach you during your "season of change" that has equipped you to guide others through the often turbulent and confusing middle school years?
  • Most parents would admit that many days they wake up less than enthusiastic about facing their middle schoolers. Where do you find your passion for parenting, and how do you keep it?
  • Your book promotes ideas that seem to be in contrast to the world, like modesty, reverence, accountability, and "Drastically Different Dating." Does drastically different dating differ any, by your definition, from courtship?
  • How can we encourage our children to be different, when at this age they simply want to fit in, not stand out?
  • What advice do you have for parents who may find themselves at this pivotal time in their child's life without having those "heartstrings" tied?
  • As your book begins, you talk about forgiveness. How is forgiveness an important part of a child’s season of change?
  • What do you mean when you talk about apprenticing your child?
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