Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hey Girls!

What about a conference just for you—filled with friends, fun and great food?
What if it was full of exciting, heart-pumping, soul-stirring worship and praise?
What if it was overflowing with stories and secrets

and maybe even good advice

from someone who knows how you’re feeling,

knows where you’ve been, and knows where you really want to go?
What about a conference just for you?


Friend or Foe? The Beauty of Friendship
Mean girls, best friends, and the stage is set for the drama of a teen's daily relationships. But what kind of friends are going to be there, no matter what? And what kind of friend are you? Learn the three secrets of true friendship and how to recognize the friends God sends.

Fad or Fashion? Dressed to Thrill (Now available on CD)
Rebecca takes a revealing look at the latest fashions and helps girls discover the naked truth about what their wardrobe choices say to others. Drawing on humor to take the sting out of a hard-hitting topic, Rebecca speaks candidly about the true definition of modesty in a sex-saturated culture.

Fan or Follower? Choosing the Beautiful Life
Evangelistic in nature, this powerful session helps teens recognize the difference between merely admiring Jesus from a distance and truly walking in personal relationship with Him.


My 13-year-old daughter felt her life wasn't complete
without a boyfriend. She attended the Girl of Worth Conference and came home a
new kid. She said she had a wonderful time and that God had spoken to her heart
while there. She said she no longer felt she had to "stress" over boys and knew
that God had already picked out one for her to marry someday and she didn't need
to worry about it anymore. She said she was at "peace" (her exact words). WOW!!!
Needless to say her father and I were overjoyed and very thankful for your
bringing that message to our daughter. Sometimes it takes someone else to reach
the ones closest to you. ~Email from thankful mom
If you would like more information about bringing Rebecca and Danya to your area for 'tween or teen girls' ministry (conference, retreat, or evening event) please contact Rich Powell.

Rebecca and Danya are also pleased to be a part of Revive Our Hearts Ministries’ Pure in Heart Conferences for girls ages 7 – 12. To learn more about bringing this mega-conference event to your area, go HERE.

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