Friday, February 22, 2008

Get a Real Job

You know what? I'm going to blog about American Idol.
My family has been watching together since '05 (Carrie and Bo). With a daughter pursuing a music career, I think we've all really learned a lot from the show.

Last night, when Colton left, the audience went ballistic when Simon told him, basically, that he shouldn't pursue a career in music. He said he should go get a real job and in his free time, enjoy music. What did you think about that? Did you think that Simon had dashed his dreams? Did you think Simon was horrible?

A remark like that can do one of two things. It can make you face reality. It can make you reassess what you're doing, and perhaps, cause you to go in a different direction. OR, it can give you the drive you need to succeed. I don't know what it will do for Colton, and it's not that I'm really a Simon fan, per se, but Simon leveled with him. That's the job of a judge. Those kids are there to get straight answers, not to be petted and pampered. The truth is quite a commodity in today's society. There's so much glitz and glam and hype surrounding us. I personally think that hearing someone tell you what they really think (when you ask them, LOL!) is quite refreshing. If you don't want to know what someone thinks, then don't ask, and definitely don't put yourself in the position of hearing it in front of a nationwide audience. :)


Kelsey said...

Hey again. Well if Danya's thinking about trying out for American Idol, I wouldn't she's already to good for American Idol!!! Could you please tell her I said that??? If she did, then me personally I think she'd win! I saw your comment, we had one decent snow, but just be glad you didn't get any ice, because it wasn't that great, all of it's almost melted. And Rachael and I only got to go sledding once this winter, and it wasn't that long. The snow was about, 6 inches deep, well not having that much snow isn't as bad as not having any rain during the summer and not having an air conditioner in your house OR your car, trust! Sorry about the long comment, well bye.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your book. My only daughter is 3 and I can already tell how differently I relate to her versus the boys (3 of them). I agree with you on Idol. I don't necessarily like Simon's delivery but he often speaks the truth when the others don't.
We love Idol too.

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