Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Piecing Together the Broken Heart Secondary Infertility Leaves Behind

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So how does an infertile couple negotiate the fine line between accepting God’s plan for their lives and pursuing the miraculous medical options that may give them the biological child they long for? This was a question that Sue and Timm Glover found themselves asking as they pursued treatment for secondary infertility. “We wanted to take advantage of the options that were available to us, but we didn’t want to overstep our bounds and bang on a door that God had shut,” says Sue. “We were constantly seeking God in it, but it was a very difficult and depressing time.”

Infertility challenges the faith of even the strongest believers. For a Christian woman, it becomes not only a physical and emotional journey, but a spiritual one as she wrestles with questions that will result in a clearer definition of her faith. “It’s hard,” Sue describes, “because you know that babies are a gift from God. You wonder if God doesn’t love you because He’s not giving you more children.”

Scripture tells us that nothing can ever separate us from Christ’s love (Romans 8:35), and that includes infertility. Does the state of the womb indicate the love of God? Of course not. God’s love for you has been proven through Jesus Christ. His love is unconditional and will last for eternity.

When life takes an unanticipated turn and our plans come crashing down around us, the effect is the same for everyone: confusion, questions, and an unsettling feeling of discouragement. Even as Christians, it takes an act of will to remember that God sees the big picture. He sees around the next corner, and the next. Your choice to follow God as He leads you down the dimly lit corridors of infertility will affect not only you and your future, but everyone you meet along the way. You have an opportunity to touch every life somehow with Christ’s love.

In your circumstances, God is not shooing you away. That's what the enemy wants you to think. Instead, the Lord longs for you to trust Him in your suffering, and He waits for you to come to Him with your grief, your broken heart, and all your hard questions.

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Beth said...

We experienced primary infertility for 7 years, 4 laporoscopies, and 2 miscarriages before we were blessed with our son Logan. We experinced secondary infertility for 2 years before we were blessed with our second son Lucas. Secondary infertility was easier for us to deal with because of the joy and comfort Logan brought to us everyday. I wish I could say that we always praised the Lord through the dark days of inferility but I didn't. I was hurt, crushed, angry, felt inferior, and broken. What I did learn was that it wasn't wrong to have those feelings but I needed to bring those feelings to Him, rest in Him, find peace in Him, be whole in Him. To recognize that who I am and my worth come from Him not from being a mother. A lesson I am still learning as a mother today.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Beth! "to recognize that who I am & my worth come from Him" is a lesson I'm still learning every day too!

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