Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Routines for Kids (That Really Work!)

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Create a "launchpad" by the door so you don't
 forget what you need for the day!
Kids thrive on routines. Routines help children establish a sense of responsibility and encourage self-esteem.

Every child’s schedule should include his participation in a chore that benefits the rest of the family, whether it’s helping with dinner preparation, folding a load of laundry, or vacuuming the den. Let your child know he is blessing his family when he helps take care of himself and his home. *Also important, never “do over” your child’s attempts at housekeeping tasks. Remember, he is taking baby steps, too! Check out the ideas below as a starting point for simple routines for your kids.

Before Breakfast Routine
Make bed.
Get dressed to the shoes.
Have a brief devotional.

(Homeschooling moms: Your need for a routine doesn't stop here. Be sure you have a plan in place for your daily school time.)

After School Routine
Decide with your child on a homework schedule. Some children are refreshed with a snack and some outside playtime before tackling their assignments. Set a timer to challenge reluctant scholars to stay focused and “beat the clock!”

Bedtime routine
Check calendar for tomorrow’s activities.
Pack backpack.
Lay out next day’s clothes.

Routines don't have to be hard. They are simply habits that you put in place to make your life EASIER. Yes, easier! You already have habits in place now...are they making your life easier or more difficult? Ask yourself the hard questions, and be ready to do whatever it takes to turn things around. I believe you can do it! Believe in yourself and then there will be two of us! :)

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