Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Updating Your Home for Fall? Get More Bang for Your Buck!

Time to come in, y'all!

That's how I feel about this time of year. As fall approaches, I begin to realize that my family and I are going to be spending lots more time indoors. Is my house ready for it? Lots of people are doing their fall cleaning (which sounds much better than to say that you are just now doing the spring cleaning that you put off LOL), and it's natural to want to update as well.

But...we're kind of in a recession...so is there a way to update, fix up, and spruce up on a budget?

Design by Vickie Morehead, VM Designs LLC
I went straight to an expert with this question--my friend Vickie Morehead, the owner of VM Designs, a very talented designer whose expertise is showcased in the homes of the rich and famous around Nashville and Atlanta, as well as in the homes of her friends and neighbors. What should you do to get the most style satisfaction for the least amount of money? Vickie says paint, lighting, and window treatments--working together or as single elements--can transform a ho-hum home into a special space for your family.

Paint. “Paint will always change a room,” says Vickie. “Pick three colors you like and then narrow down from there. If you pick more than three colors, you will just get confused.” An inexpensive option, paint offers homeowners a re-do in a just a few hours’ time. (This is a great time of year to buy paint, too, as there are several rebates going on and Labor Day sales that will last through this week!)

Lighting. Sometimes a couple of new lamps are all you need to change a room. Try swapping light bulbs for more or less wattage to see how it changes the atmosphere in the space. Remove tinted or frosted glass on lighting insets and replace with clear to let the light really shine. (Funny story: I had a kitchen lighting fixture that I thought had frosted glass for some time...until I cleaned it...and all the "frost" came off with windex. LOL)

Window treatments. “Curtains will change a room completely,” Vickie says. And she says they don’t have to be custom-made. Take a store-bought curtain and add a little extra treatment at the bottom with a contrasting fabric. Another idea is to add a strip of ribbon or beads to the bottom of a pre-made valance. All you need is a glue gun and some creativity!

When it comes to your home, little changes can be truly transforming because they change the way you feel about your space. A vase of flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table may seem minute to some, but for a busy mom, it becomes a place to rest your eyes and then press on with a new perspective. And that can make a big difference in your day--and consequently--in your family's!

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