Monday, June 21, 2010

Whatcha' holdin' on to? Math?

Hey Everybody,

Just coming up for air during what may be the busiest summer ever! Uhmmm, hello? What happened to lazy and hazy? All we've got around here are the crazy days of summer! LOL! But I do love it!

I was selling some of my kids never-to-be-used again textbooks last Friday, and as I was putting them out on a table, I opened the Saxon Math 8/7 that Derek just completed, and there on the inside front cover were all the kids' names. You know that place inside a textbook where you write your name and then tell what condition the book is in? Well, they had all filled it in, and it was just so sweet to me, and I got all teary-eyed over it. (It really doesn't take much at all for me to get all teary-eyed. But in these last few months preceding Danya's graduation, well, it's just been almost constant waterworks!) So my friend Sandy is there, and she says, "What's wrong?" So I show her the book, and she says, "Rebecca, all three of your kids hated that book. Sell it!"

Well, they did hate it. I hated it too, LOL, so I did end up selling it, but I made sure it went to a good home. :) (btw, while I do loathe all things math, unless we are talking about couponing and saving money, I highly recommend Saxon Math. Just want to make that clear!)

Isn't it funny the stuff we hold on to? People, things, clothes that are two sizes too small--hoping that one day they will fit again? Oh yeah!

My pastor challenged us yesterday to take a good look at what we're holding on to, and ask God if there is anything in our lives that we need to lay down before Him. You know what? When you start asking questions like that, the Lord will tell you. Count on it!

I hope everybody has a great week!



Sandy said...

Oh, this is such an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing! I am praying for you. I am having a hard time with my kids growing up, too!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


Thanks for your kind words, and thanks especially for your prayers! I appreciate that so much!

It is a great time when they grow up, but it comes with a degree of difficulty, you know? It's a whole new ballgame!

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