Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Presents New Challenges, New Opportunities

Hey Everybody,

I love it! Summer is finally here! I start the countdown to summer after the World Series ends. LOL. In many ways, spring begins for me with the opening day of baseball, but the real confirmation is Memorial Day Weekend. So, welcome summer!

What have you got planned? I especially love the summer months because our schedule is free for pursuing those things that seem to get shelved during the school year. Are you ready for some new challenges?

Just last week, the Lord gave me two new opportunities. One was a writing challenge. A friend asked me to do some work on her soon-to-be-launced website, and it has been so different from any writing that I've ever done. I've been loving the experience and the jolt it has given me to get out of my own writing "box" and try something different. It's been fun!

The other new opportunity happened just a couple of days ago. Danya was leading worship at a church plant nearby, and because of the holiday weekend, the person who runs their powerpoint (this was actually ProPresenter) was not there. The pastor asked me to fill in, and he gave me a crash course in it. Okay, now, I must confess that I am one of those people who wonders why the powerpoint person can't keep up with the music. I'm like: How hard can it be to push a button? Well, let me tell you: It is harder than I thought! What pressure! It's more than just pushing a button and it requires a focus that I am often lacking!

New challenges. New opportunities. A brand new summer lying at your feet. What are your plans?


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