Monday, June 7, 2010

It Takes at Least Two: Thanking God for the Power of Partnership in Homeschooling

I'm counting my blessings today, after an incredible weekend.

Fourteen years ago, we began homeschooling. It has been the most amazing journey, and thank God, it's not over yet--I've still got my boys!--but this past Saturday, we celebrated the completion of what we began. There are no regrets here--not one!

I started with preschool, because I was pregnant with Derek and I just wanted to be sure that I taught Danya how to read. That was really important to me. I learned to read at home, and it's been a lifelong love! Then, once she started reading, I felt like we could go ahead and try kindergarten. We literally took it a year at a time, until she was in the eighth grade. That's when we began praying about homeschooling all the way through high school.

That's nerve-wracking, you know? Huge decision. Well, I want to pay honor where honor is due, and I could never have done any of this without my friend Sandy.  From the beginning of this journey, she has helped me keep my balance. She has made up for my lacking in many areas (such as organization, to name just one!), and she has been an encouragement. She has been a safe place for fears, hopes, and dreams. And, like any true friend, a safe place to vent frustrations, as well! :) Thank you, Sandy. I praise God for the power of partnership! So glad He blessed me with you, from the very beginning. I couldn't help remembering the girls' kindergarten graduation (which seems like it was just a couple of minutes ago, btw). We were so proud, remember? The Class of 2010 and a senior graduation seemed like an awfully long way off.

BLINK--we're here. We're here!

It's really hard to express all the emotions involved in any child's high school graduation, but as  homeschoolers, I think our collective sigh of relief could be heard 'round the world! They did it! We did it!

And no one is socially maimed.

Here are our beautiful girls. They are intelligent, strong, and on their way to bright futures. Both earned scholarship awards to the colleges they have dreamed of attending. Our work here is done, in so many ways.

But our prayers and our hearts go with these daughters.


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Jane's Art said...

"And noone is socially maimed" LOL love it!!
So glad to see her going to Belmont...great school!

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